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Targeted Industries & Employers

A cluster-based approach starts with the industries and assets that are already present in the region and regional stakeholders pursue initiatives to make those industries better by upgrading skills, access to finance and infrastructure, by streamlining government rules and regulations, by supporting local demand, and by being open to foreign investment and competition.

▪ Lowest aggregate corporate income tax of all southern states and tied for lowest in the United States
▪ Historically a labor surplus market
▪ Lower industrial electricity rates than 80% of United States; (AEP/SWEPCO)
▪ Industrial park of 12,000 acres, 3 Million sq. ft. of commercial space
▪ Self-controlled zoning and permitting
▪ Lowest property taxes in Texas’ major metro-markets
▪ Excess water/wastewater capacity
▪ Mega sites and remote, industrial sites available
▪ Meets US EPA NAAQS air permit attainment
▪ Direct access to I-30/I-49/US 59 future I-69/I-369
▪ Excellent access to Mid-South (Four (4) States Region of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas) and Midwestern markets
▪ Closest Texas city to both the geographic and population centers of the U.S.
▪ Lowest aggregate mile site in Texas to serve US market
▪ Located within 500 miles of 23 MSA’s with a population of 450,000+
▪ Located within 500 miles of 10 fastest growing US MSA’s
▪ 500-mile market has 10,000,000 more people than DFW area
▪ Large number of aggregators and trucking companies
▪ Rail service available, via Union Pacific (UP) and G&W/TNER connections
▪ Regional Airport with direct flights to DFW International Airport
▪ Access to four commercial airports, 300 direct flights, within 2.5 hour drive
▪ HUBZone, Foreign Trade Zone #258, New Market Tax Credit eligible, Opportunity Zone designated, and Texas Enterprise, Reinvestment and Military Readjustment Zone
▪ Top 20 Fastest Growing Region for Value Goods in the U.S. (Garner Economics 2017)
▪ Top 10% of US cities for ethic diversity
▪ Defense presence, Red River Army Depot and nearby facilities
▪ Proven, successful history in securing grant funding, including OEA, EDA, EPA, and State of Texas Capital Fund and Skills Development Fund
▪ Below average Cost of Living Index; Texarkana MSA 85.8 (100%)
▪ Excellent outdoors and recreation region, including federal & state parks
▪ Texas Cultural District designation, Texarkana

▪ The Texarkana MSA, ranked a 10 out of 10, is strategically positioned as a prime Warehouse-Distribution, Wholesale, Fulfillment, Storage, and Logistics Services location (Foote and Associates).
▪ Texarkana’s rural location makes its labor shed much larger than most markets. Texarkana’s distance to competitor labor market, causes about 22.9% of Bowie County employees to drive 50 to 75 to and from work – daily.
▪ The lack of quality jobs in the market means that about 9,700 people commute daily well outside of the Texarkana region to jobs in Shreveport, Tyler, Longview and Dallas.
▪ With 12 institutions of high education in the 30-mile market graduating thousands of certificated and degreed individuals annually; the Texarkana region is a net exporter of quality talent
▪ Labor availability and cost for welders, machinists, engineers, machine operators and other key industrial positions are advantageous for businesses located in or looking to locate to the greater Texarkana region.
▪ The award-winning education systems in the greater Texarkana region offers companies an excellent pipeline and is an asset for developing a leading-edge workforce
▪ With certified, shovel-ready sites, high quality and secure infrastructure in place, and in-house permitting and zoning, TexAmericas Center offers businesses speed to market, thus, speed to profit!
▪ Texas is continually ranked among the top 3 states for business investment due to its superior regulatory environment, lower overall cost of doing business and excellent quality of life.

While clusters of industries that are present in a region do not necessarily need public sector strategies in order to exist, TexAmericas Center recognizes that having the right policies and strategies can help the businesses within a cluster become more successful and competitive.  While our cluster-based strategies are not, necessarily, organized around attracting large entities from elsewhere, we recognize and encourage that potential.

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