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Logistics Services

Foreign Direct Investment

Looking for less risk, a faster start-up, and performance assurance on your U.S. expansion?

Consider TexAmericas Center’s Third-Party Logistics Services.

TexAmericas Center’s Third-Party Logistics Services, TAC3PL, is ideal for international manufacturing, service, warehousing, and/or product assembly companies that are expanding in the North American market. In addition to great logistics in rail, road and runway options found in the Texarkana region, TexAmericas Center (TAC) is located in the most business-friendly state in the USA: Texas.

As an added bonus, at the federal level TexAmericas Center is located in a U.S. Qualified Opportunity Zone, a U.S. Foreign Trade Zone (Free Trade Zone), as well as a Targeted Employment Area for the US EB-5 Immigration Through Investment program. TexAmericas Center is also New Market Tax Credit eligible. 

At the State of Texas level, TexAmericas Center is an Enterprise, Reinvestment and Defense Readjustment Zone. At the provincial level, the organization is a special purpose district of the State of Texas called a Local Redevelopment Authority.

Not sure what these programs are about?

We are happy to meet with you and walk you through each one, explaining the benefits and how they will reduce your risks and help your Speed to Occupancy, Speed to Market and your Speed to Profit.

Partner with TAC3PL if:

You have existing sales in the U.S. and need a partner to help scale. TAC3PL can provide:

    • Order Fulfillment
    • Light Assembly
    • Private Label
    • Import/Export Assistance
    • Warranty and Service Center
    • Existing Staffing and Trucking Relationships
    • And More…

You are brand new to the U.S. North American market and need assistance with:

    • Establishing Your U.S. Subsidiary
    • Establishing Physical Office/Virtual Office
    • Establishing Product Showroom
    • Establishing Your Warehouse
    • Access to Capital

You are ready to build your first U.S. plant or relocate your existing facility. Benefits of partnering with TAC:

    • 12-Hour Drive Time to Over 63 Million U.S. Customers and Businesses with a Median Household Income of $73,049; Access to Over 2,200 Businesses
    • Access to About 80 percent of North American Markets in a 3-Day Drive
    • Quick Access to Road, Rail, and Aviation
    • Ready-to-Go Lease Space or Build-to-Suit Lease or Purchase
    • TexAmericas Center Financed Construction
    • Fast Track Permits for New Construction/Verified Shovel-Ready Sites
    • Low-Cost Utilities, Labor, Taxes, Overhead, Living Expenses
    • Available Trained Workforce/Public and Private HR and Staffing Service Available
    • Lucrative U.S., State of Texas, and Local Incentives

Ready to learn more?

Call John Sesler about how you can access the TAC3PL to help you expand your operations.

John Sesler
Vice President of Logistics & 3PL Operations

Call Eric Voyles to learn more about build-to-suit options and if TexAmericas Center in Texarkana Area of Texas is right for you.

Eric Voyles
Executive Vice President and Chief Economic Development Officer