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Hard hats with a TexAmericas Center logo illustrates the construction strenghts of the organization.

TexAmericas Center Featured in Business Facilities Magazine

Texarkana, USA (Feb. 16, 2024) – TexAmericas Center (TAC), which owns and operates the 3rd ranked industrial park and is one of the largest mixed-use industrial parks in the United States, was recently featured in Business Facilities Magazine, with the renowned outlet featuring the organization as a location that has the resources and space to support aerospace and defense businesses.

Aerospace And Defense Industry Locations: Cleared For Takeoff

Located on the Texas side of the Texarkana MSA, TexAmericas Center owns and operates one of the largest and top-ranked mixed-use industrial parks in the United States. With roughly 12,000 development-ready acres of land and approximately 3.5 million square feet of commercial and industrial product, TexAmericas Center is a catalyst for economic growth. Additionally, the organization offers third-party logistics, rail amenities, and a customer service philosophy that is focused on client business development goals.

Since 1998, the organization has dedicated itself to helping businesses succeed. The organization is a State of Texas-sanctioned Local Redevelopment Authority, managing former military property as part of an effort to redevelop that land while boosting employment and economic opportunities for the region.

TexAmericas Center’s efforts to improve its land has resulted in thousands of acres available for development that are well-suited for businesses in the defense industry. 

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